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3M Performance Paint Project Respirator OV/P95, Designed For Professionals, Reusable Respirator, Medium, 1-Pack

3M Performance Paint Project Respirator OV/P95, Designed For Professionals, Reusable Respirator, Medium, 1-Pack

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Author: Martin, Dean

Brand: 3M

Color: White/Grey


  • NIOSH-APPROVED OV CARTRIDGE WITH P95 FILTER filters at least 95 percent of solids and liquid aerosols as well as certain organic vapors
  • OIL PROOF P-series particulate filter (Use according to manufacturer’s time use restrictions when oil aerosols are present)
  • SOFT, THERMOPLASTIC FACESEAL for excellent comfort
  • DURABLE DESIGN for lasting wear
  • 3M BAYONET CONNECTION compatible with 3M cartridges and filters
  • 6001 OV CARTRIDGE HELPS REDUCE EXPOSURE to certain organic vapors encountered during activities involving latex and oil-based painting, including paint spraying*, varnishes, stains, sealants, solvents, certain solvent-based cleaners or pesticides**. *Use a prefilter when spraying. **Refer to Pesticide Product Label for Respirator Guidance or call 3M at 1-800-243-4630 or In Canada, call 1-800-267-4414
  • 5P71 FILTER HELPS REDUCE EXPOSURE to certain particles from paint spraying*, spray adhesives and pesticides**

Binding: Tools & Hardware

model number: R6211

Part Number: R6211

Details: Product Description The medium 3M Performance Respirator Paint Project 6211 helps provide protection against particles and certain organic vapors with the convenience of an all-in-one kit. Designed for professionals, this reusable respirator is excellent for spray painting and projects that require solvents or pesticides. The swept-back design of the 3M Organic Vapor Cartridges allow a wide field of view and, when combined with the provided filters, can help provide effective particulate filtration on the job. When you're handling potentially harmful chemicals, it's important to help protect yourself¬—so make sure to pick up the 3M Performance Respirator Paint Project 6211. Use when around solvents, pesticides, and paint; helps protect against certain airborne contaminants. Includes swept back cartridges for improved visibility 3M Respirators As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of respirators in the world, 3M provides products that address the needs of both workplace, regulated applications and do-it-yourself, non-regulated applications. For workplace uses, employees may be exposed to known concentrations of harmful contaminants for part or all of the workday. In these situations, respirators are intended to help protect the wearer by reducing their exposure to airborne contaminants from a level that may be hazardous to one that is considered safe or acceptable according to government established levels. In addition, home users cannot easily determine exposure levels nor do they have ready access to the type of training medical evaluation and fit testing needed to be in compliance with workplace respirator standards. In these situations, respirators are intended to help keep non-harmful dusts and certain particles out of your nose, mouth and lungs and with some filters help eliminate annoying odors only. About NIOSH Respirators This respirator is government approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as an N95 class respirator and is designed for workplace, regulated uses and applications. NIOSH certification means the respirator has passed stringent government performance standards including filtration efficiency testing and provides at least 95% filtration efficiency solid and liquid particles that do not contain oil. Fitting Instructions 1. Place respirator over mouth and nose, then pull harness over the crown of your head 2. Take bottom straps in both hands, place them in back of your neck, and hook them together. 3. Position face-piece low on the bridge of your nose for optimal visibility and best fit. 4. Adjust top straps first, then lower neck straps by pulling on ends. Do not pull too tight. Strap tension can be decreased by pushing out on back side of buckles. Perform a positive pressure seal check. Positive Pressure Seal Check 1. Place the palm of your hand over the exhalation valve cover and exhale gently. If face-piece bulges slightly and no air leaks are detected between your face and the face-piece, a proper fit has been obtained 2. If air leakage is detected, reposition respirator on your face and/or readjust tension of the elastic straps to eliminate leakage 3. Repeat above steps until a tight seal is obtained What's in the box One 3M respirator face-piece, one pair organic cartridges, two pair pre-filters, one pair filter retainers Protect your health while working on your DIY project NIOSH Certification Guide

EAN: 0051111112649

Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 9.1 x 5.0 inches

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