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Perco Lite 1 Line Price Gun with Labels Kit - Includes 5,000 Blank White Labels, 2 Ink Rollers, 1 Ink roll and Labels Pre-Loaded

Perco Lite 1 Line Price Gun with Labels Kit - Includes 5,000 Blank White Labels, 2 Ink Rollers, 1 Ink roll and Labels Pre-Loaded

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Brand: Perco

Color: White


  • Perco Lite: This is for small usage once in a while such as a garage sale, moving sale, small retailers, boutique stores and state fairs with typical usage less than 50,000 labels per year needed. if it's needed for retail pricing & inventory marking with more than 50,000 labels a year - the perco X or perco Pro would be recommended
  • Perco Lite Price Gun Kit: Each Perco Lite pricing kit includes a brand new one line pricing gun labeler, 5,000 Blank White Price Labels, instruction manual, 2 inkers, and label scraper. Perco's Lite pricing gun and labels kit come pre-loaded with a roll of labels and ink roll, plus an additional 4 rolls of Perco Labels that fit perfectly for smooth operation and print alignment. Perco’s price label gun includes a Two Year WARRANTY.
  • Easy to use: Our USER-FRIENDLY price gun guarantees our customers with a smooth experience. To change the print, simply pull out the selection knob and turn until the character you wish to print is showing in the window. When you've made your selection, make sure to push the knob back in, it will print beautifully. Our instruction video will help guide you on How to load labels EFFORTLESSLY.
  • The heart of the Perco price labeler is the sprocket advance system. With a simple squeeze of the trigger, the sprocket grasps a label and advances it. The print head is then brought into contact with the ink roller creating a perfect imprint against the label.

model number: P-Lite-Universal

Part Number: P-Lite-Universal

Details: Perco Lite1 Line Price Tag Gun KitEasy to load, Easy to use - First time, Every TimeGun Comes preloaded with a full roll of 600 plain white labelsPerco 1 Line 8 Digits Gun holds up to 600 labels per roll. The Markers can be up to 5X faster than marking products by hand. The Marker may be loaded with different types of labels designed to work in the freezer, peel off or dissolve off of reusable containers, or be discarded with disposable items. Strong adhesive labels and Security Slits to prevent tampering. Markers are an efficient, versatile, and easy to use labeling system that allows products entering the kitchen, storage area to be labeled with a date and time if desired. The Marker assures accuracy and legibility, improving food safety while reducing valuable labor costs. The ink roller is replaceable, allowing the print to remain sharp and legible. Explore our full catalog of top quality complementary products including best by, used by, sell by, and an array of various colored labels. Just type in the search engine to view our full selection.

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.3 x 2.1 inches

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